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Our Mission is to ensure that all of our clients receive the best service possible. A "Quality Care Program" is implemented in all of the services Stat Security provides.  In this program we assure all sites are being monitored on a 24 hour basis by Site Managers, aside from the regular Supervision, at no extra cost to our client.  The monitoring includes several daily unannounced inspections from our Site Manager, as well as generating daily, weekly and monthly reports which are submitted to the Director of Security and CEO for review.  These reports will contain a site's weaknesses, strengths, continuous risk assessments, a Supervisor's/Officer's performance and any problems encountered.  The Director of Security and CEO will address all issues, concerns and findings with the client directly.  If necessary, and approved by our client, Stat will implement changes in a specific site's Policies and Procedures to further enhance the service that Stat Security provides to you, the client.  This is Stat Security's proactive approach to "Quality Care".  This allows Stat Security's dedicated managerial staff and CEO to find and address any likely problems before they can occur and hinder our goal of providing professionalism and excellence to all.


In order to provide quality services to all clients, the process begins with our officers. Stat realizes motivation plays a key role in an officer's work performance; therefore, Stat provides all employees with motivational incentives through our Employee Acknowledgment Program (EAP).  This program is designed to recognize all employees that are continuously conducting their job in a professional and productive manner and rewards them accordingly.  Incentives range from an extra paid day off to many other innovative ways we see fit to keep our employees happy, motivated and loyal to us and you as our client.  In addition to the EAP, Stat also provides very competitive wages, paid vacation time and numerous training and advancement opportunities. All incentives are at no extra cost to our client; therefore, the Stat Security Professional that you know and rely on at your location will stay and continue serving your company's every need.  All of this and much more, because at Stat Security, our first priority is professionalism and excellence; our greatest strength is that we are dedicated to achieving it.

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"Michael, having dealt with Stat Security, we thought it was time to send a letter of thanks to you and your employees. Your staff exceeded even our highest expectations at our recent fund-raiser, here in NYC. The fact that you were reachable and made yourself, as well as others, available really made a difference. The event was a great success, Job well done!"

-Robert Simmons
Director of Operations, ELS

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"Stat security consultants have the experience, expertise and resources to assist clients covering a full range of security issues."
"A Quality Care Program is implemented in all of the services Stat Security provides."
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